December 5, 2023
Pick Six

Are you new to the wonderful world of American football? Are you confused by the terminology used to describe all of the different plays and strategies? One of the most popular and exciting plays in the game of football is Pick 6.

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to understanding what a Pick 6 is and how it works, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring what a Pick 6 is in football, how it works, and when it’s most effective.

We’ll also discuss some of the best defensive and offensive strategies to use when attempting a Pick 6. By the end of this post, you should have a thorough understanding of this exciting play and how it can be used to win the game. Get ready to discover the ins and outs of the Pick Six. !

1. Definition of a Pick Six

A Pick 6 in football is when a defensive player intercepts a pass and returns it for a touchdown. In other words, the defensive player takes an offensive player’s pass and runs it into the end zone for a score. The player who intercepts the pass is said to have “picked off” the pass, hence the name “Pick 6”. The term is also sometimes used to refer to a specific type of bet, in which a person bets on the outcome of six specific football games.

Pick Six


2. Examples of Pick Six

A Pick 6 in football is a play where one team intercepts a pass and returns it for a touchdown. This play can be an exciting and game-changing moment and can shift the momentum of a game. There are two main types of Pick 6s to look out for: the fumble Pick six and the interception Pick 6.

The Fumble Pick 6 occurs when the offence fumbles the ball, and the defence scoops it up and runs it back for a touchdown. The Interception Pick 6 occurs when the quarterback throws a pass, and the defence intercepts it, returning it for a touchdown. Both types of Pick 6s are thrilling and can completely change the outcome of a game.

3. Benefits of a Pick Six

Betting on a Pick 6 in football is a great way to increase your chances of winning. A Pick 6 is a type of wager that requires you to select the winners of six consecutive games. If you pick all six games correctly, you win the wager. The benefits of a Pick 6 include the ability to win big without having to invest a large sum of money, the potential for large payouts, and the ability to diversify your betting portfolio. With a Pick 6, you can increase your chances of winning big without having to risk a large sum of money. Furthermore, if you do hit the Pick 6, you could be rewarded with a large payout. Finally, with a Pick 6, you can diversify your betting portfolio and spread your bets over multiple games.

4. Strategies for Winning a Pick six

When it comes to betting on the Pick 6, strategy is key. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning big.

1. Money management – Manage your money and bet in small increments. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; instead, spread them out.

2. Do your research – Research the teams, the players, and past results. This will give you an edge in picking the winning teams.

3. Stick to your plan – Don’t get swayed by the emotions of the moment. Stick to the plan you have established for yourself.

4. Take advantage of bonuses – Many online bookmakers offer bonuses for new and existing customers. Make sure you take advantage of these when you can.

5. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Playing a Pick six

When playing a Pick 6, it is important to avoid common mistakes to ensure your best chances of success. Here are five of the most common mistakes to avoid when playing a Pick six:

1. Focusing on favourites: When it comes to picking a game, it’s easy to become attached to certain teams. But when playing a Pick six, it’s important to be unbiased and pick teams that have the best chance of winning, regardless of your personal opinion.

2. Ignoring the underdog: It’s tempting to focus on the teams that are most likely to win but don’t forget to keep an eye out for upsets. A well-timed underdog pick can make all the difference in a Pick Six contest.

3. Over-analyzing the match-ups: You don’t need to become an expert on every team in the NFL to make a successful Pick Six. Focusing on the important stats and key players in each game is often enough to make an informed decision.


In conclusion, Pick Six is a great way to get more out of your football betting experience. It takes some strategy and skill to know when and how to use this type of bet, but with a bit of practice and some insider knowledge, you can start to make some serious money from these types of wagers. It’s also a great way to stay engaged in the game and make the most of your football viewing experience.

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