December 5, 2023
7on7 football

7 on 7 Football is an exciting and rapidly growing version of tackle football that is becoming increasingly popular at all levels of competition. It is an intense, fast-paced game that requires incredibly quick decision-making, speedy passing, and sharp tackling. Although most people are aware of the 7-on-7 style of play, a complete guide to the game is necessary to understand the rules, strategies, and objectives of the game.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of 7-on-7 Football, from its origins to the various strategies employed in the game. It will cover the rules, formations, and skills needed to be successful with 7-on-7 Football and will give readers the knowledge they need to get started playing this exciting version of the game.

1. Overview of 7 on 7 Football

7 on 7 football is a variation of the sport that is played without the traditional 11-player teams. Instead, two teams of seven players compete against each other on a smaller field with two 25-yard-long end zones. The game is played more like basketball than a traditional football, as teams are not allowed to make contact and instead focus on passing and running. The offence is required to pass the ball within four seconds of the snap and can score six points with a touchdown, one point with a conversion, or two points with a safety. The game is highly tactical and requires teams to be well-prepared and play with plenty of speed and precision.

2. Team Set Up and Roster

The team set-up and roster for 7-on-7 football is quite simple and straightforward. Each team consists of seven players on the field at one time, typically one quarterback and six skill players. Depending on the league, teams may have a maximum number of players on their roster, or they may have no limit at all. When only seven players are on the field, it makes for a faster and more intense game. Of course, each team must also have coaches, trainers, and other support personnel in order to be competitive.

3. Field Dimensions and Equipment

3. Field Dimensions and Equipment: 7-on-7 football is played on a regulation-sized football field, although there may be some slight variations in the dimensions. Generally, the field is marked off in 60-yard increments with 10-yard end zones. The field is lined like a regular football field, with yard lines, hash marks, and goal lines. 7 on 7 football requires much less equipment than traditional 11-on-11 football. The most common equipment used is a set of cones, a regulation football, and a few scrimmage vests for the players.

7on7 football

4. Rules and Regulations

4. Rules and Regulations – 7 on 7 football is a non-contact sport that follows the standard rules of the game. It is typically played with a field that is 40 yards long and 20 yards wide. Teams play with seven players on the field at a time, including the quarterback and six receivers. The quarterback can only throw the ball, and the receivers can only catch it; no running plays are allowed. All players must wear helmets with mouthguards, no jewellery is allowed, and all teams must have at least one coach or referee on the sidelines.

5. Benefits and Drawbacks of 7 on 7 Football

7 on 7 football is a game that is growing in popularity due to its ability to provide a fast-paced, exciting and competitive game that can be enjoyed by all ages. While it does not take the place of traditional 11-player football, 7 on 7 offers a great way for players to stay in shape, work on their football skills and enjoy the game. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of 7 on 7 football.


– Low risk of injury compared to 11-on-11 football
– Provides competitive gameplay without a large number of players
– Great way to stay in shape and practice football skills
– Fast-paced and exciting game


– Depends heavily on passing, as there are no offensive or defensive lines
– Does not provide the same physical benefits as traditional 11-on-11 football
– Players may have difficulty adjusting to the game if they are used to 11-on-11 football
– Limited space on the field due to the smaller number of players


In conclusion, 7 on 7 football is an exciting and fast-paced sport that can be enjoyed by athletes of all ages and skill levels. The game encourages players to work together and develop their skills in teamwork, communication, and strategy. With the proper guidance, players can develop their skills and enjoy the game of 7 on 7 football.

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