The History Of The GSH On The Chicago Bears Uniforms

The History Of The GSH On The Chicago Bears Uniforms

What does the gsh stand for on the bears uniforms? The GSH on the Chicago Bears jerseys stands for George Stanley Halas. Halas was not only the founder of the Bears but also coached the team for 40 seasons. He is one of the most important figures in NFL history and is responsible for many of the league’s modern rules. The GSHpatch is a tribute to Halas and his contributions to the game. 

Who is George Stanley Halas?

George Stanley Halas was born in Chicago in 1895. He played football at the University of Illinois and was a member of the school’s first national championship team in 1914. After graduation, Halas joined the United States Navy and served during World War I. 

Halas returned to Chicago in 1919 and founded the Decatur Staleys, which would later become the Chicago Bears. He was both owner and head coach of the team. Under Halas, the Bears won six NFL championships, including two Super Bowls. 

Halas was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. He passed away in 1983 at the age of 88. 

In his honor, the NFL created the George Halas Trophy, which is awarded to the NFC champions each year. The GSH patch on the Bears’ jerseys is a tribute to Halas and his many contributions to football. 

Interesting facts about Chicago Bears

Chicago is famous for many things, from its bustling downtown to its world-famous architecture. However, one of the city’s most famous landmarks is also one of its most beloved teams: the Chicago Bears. This NFL team has won countless awards over the years, and it boasts a passionate fanbase that makes game days a true spectacle. Some interesting facts about the Bears include:

Chicago Bears Uniforms

  1. The name “Chicago Bears” was chosen by club founder George Halas in honor of his hometown team, the Decatur Staleys.
  2. The iconic “C” on the team’s jersey stands for both Chicago and club founder George Halas. In fact, this football icon came to be known as “Papa Bear.”
  3. Though it has experienced plenty of ups and downs over the years, the Lions are currently enjoying a winning streak with 9 wins in their last 10 games.
  4. The fan base for this iconic team stretches across not only Chicago but also neighboring states such as Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan – making game days a festive occasion for thousands of fans from all over the region! Despite its relatively small size, no other NFL franchise can match the fervor and dedication that typifies football fans in Chicago. Whether you’re a lifelong devotee or a newfound admirer, there is no denying that there is something truly special about this legendary football team and its unwavering support from fans everywhere. Go Bears!


The next time you see the GSH patch on a Chicago Bears jersey, you’ll know that it represents more than just a team founder. It represents one of the most important figures in NFL history and honors his memory every time the team takes to the field.

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