February 27, 2024
Soccer Cleats

It’s no secret that many football players began their careers playing soccer. In fact, some of the greatest footballers of all time, including the most famous ones that, started out as soccer players. So, it should come as no surprise that many people want to know if they can use their soccer cleats for football. The can you use soccer cleats for football answer is yes! With a few simple modifications, you can absolutely use your soccer cleats for football. Here’s how:

Modification #1: Add Studs or Spikes

The first thing you’ll need to do is add studs or spikes to your soccer cleats. This will give you the traction and stability you need to play football on grass or turf. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is to buy a stud kit from your local sporting goods store and screw the studs into the bottom of your cleats.

Modification #2: Trim the Cleats

Next, you’ll need to trim the cleats on your soccer shoes. The reason for this is that soccer cleats are designed for use on softer surfaces, such as grass, while football cleats are designed for use on harder surfaces, such as artificial turf or field turf. By trimming the cleats, you’ll be able to provide yourself with better traction and stability when playing on harder surfaces.

 Soccer Cleats

Modification #3: Add Tape or Screw-In Pads

You may want to add tape or screw-in pads to the bottom of your soccer shoes. This will help protect your feet from getting scraped up by the hard surface you’ll be playing on. It’s not strictly necessary, but it’s definitely something to consider if you’re planning on using your soccer shoes for football on a regular basis.

Modification #4: Use Shorter Studs

If you really want to be able to use your soccer shoes for football, then you’ll need to use shorter studs. This is because the longer studs on soccer shoes can actually be dangerous on harder surfaces. They can get caught in the turf and cause you to trip or fall.

Modification  #5: Get a Football-Specific Pair of Soccer Shoes

Of course, the best way to use your soccer shoes for football is to simply get a pair of soccer shoes that are designed specifically for football. These shoes will have all of the modifications mentioned above already made to them and will provide you with the best possible traction and stability when playing on any surface.


With a few simple modifications, you can easily use your soccer shoes for playing football. Just remember to add studs or spikes for traction and stability, trim the cleats for use on harder surfaces, and consider adding tape or screw-in pads for extra protection. With these modifications, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds – the versatility of soccer shoes and the performance of football cleats!

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